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Complete Clarity Window Cleaning
Canberra, ACT
Mobile: 0416 471 973

Welcome to Complete Clarity Window Cleaning !

Thank you for visiting me today. Cleaning windows are often at the bottom of people's to do list. It's not surprising - windows can be very difficult to clean. However, dirty, spotty and filmed over windows are not a necessary evil. I have been cleaning windows now for a good number of years and have encountered every type of residential window cleaning situation. A very simple method with no chemicals can get most windows very clean. It is always a pleasure watching people's reactions. One of the most frequent things that customers say to me is "now I can see through them." I've even heard customers say to me "I don't think they've ever been this clean".

If you're interested in my service, why not browse around my site? When you're ready, give me a call. I'm standing by ready to serve you. I'm also fully insured for your peace of mind.