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Complete Clarity Window Cleaning

Canberra, ACT
Mobile: 0416 471 973


I provide free quotes. Typically I prefer to drive to a resident's house in order to quote, rather than offer a "blind quote" over the phone. There are several reasons for this:

  • Meeting the caller in person can help to break down barriers
  • There are many variables that can influence the quote (see below), and if I have a first-hand look the quote will be more accurate. A "blind quote" can contain a lot of error.
  • I like to give the customer a written package that includes all the information they need: the quote, payment options, tips for preparing their house, and a list of references.
  • It gives me more scheduling confidence, more confidence about which jobs to schedule on the same day.
  • It gives you peace of mind, no "what's the final bill going to be" anxiety. I never increase a figure I quoted in person, even in cases where the job turned out to be bigger than expected.

Here is a list, by no means exhaustive, of the main variables that can influence the quote:

  • Number of and sizes of windows
  • Accessibility and dirtiness of the windows
  • The style of the windows (just think of colonial style windows)
  • The scope of the job: for example, whether the screens and tracks need to be cleaned, and if the tracks need to be cleaned, the design and dirtiness of the tracks (sometimes tracks can be an incidental part of the window cleaning, in which case I don’t charge extra for them. On other occasions they may take longer to clean than the actual windows themselves)

Due to public attitudes and stereotypes regarding tradespeople, some people may mistake my insistence on coming out to do a quote as predatory. Its purpose is the opposite – peace of mind on all sides. I would rather go out and do a quote and miss out on the job, than find myself in a situation where I have committed to doing a job I feel I have underquoted for. Moreover, I don’t follow up on any quotes, so callers have nothing to fear and nothing to lose.